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Basic Facts on HIV/AIDS

Since the first case of HIV/AIDS was diagnosed in June 1981, the disease has spread around the globe infecting 65 million people and killing over 25 million.  In 2005, an estimated 38.6 million [33.4 million–46.0 million] people worldwide were living with HIV, an estimated 4.1 million [3.4 million–6.2 million] became newly infected with HIV and an estimated 2.8 million [2.4 million–3.3 million] lost their lives to AIDS. 

In the United Stated there are an estimated 1,039,000 to 1,185,000 million persons living with HIV/AIDS with 24-27 percent unaware of their HIV infection.   HIV/AIDS is a disease that affects us all!  For more information on how the epidemic is affecting different populations within the United States please download the fact sheets below. 

HIV/AIDS in the United States
HIV/AIDS among African-Americans
HIV/AIDS among Hispanics
HIV/AIDS among Adolescents
HIV/AIDS among Women
HIV/AIDS among Asian American and Pacific Islanders
HIV/AIDS among American Indian and Alaska Natives