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Meet Ron Watson.

The Salvation Army
Bucks-Mont Katrina Project

No matter the current state of the economy - one of the greatest gifts you can afford to give is your time.

After encountering one of the founders of The Salvation Army Bucks-Mont Katrina Project, Ron Watson of Ottsville decided to join the group on a trip in April 2006 and today considers it "the most moving volunteer activity I have ever done."

Ron's motivation for traveling with the group to the groundbreaking of a child development center in Hancock County, Mississippi was to use his professional communication skills. It was his responsibility to be one of the links between both communities throughout the trip. Little did he know, it was only the beginning.

"My hospital's mission was an encouragement for me to go," said Ron, director of communications at Doylestown Hospital. "The spirit of our mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community," he added. "Every day, we provide a responsive healing environment for patients at the hospital, and we are committed to doing the same for everyone in our community. I may not be a builder, but the opportunity to use my communications background to help others was the perfect fit."

After Ron's first trip, he came home with a better understanding of how great the need was after the hurricane, and was hooked on trying to help. "I fell in love with what we were doing. Seeing more than 200 people at the groundbreaking and hearing how grateful they were for our being there was a moment I will never forget."

It was not long before Ron was recruiting people from his parish, St. John the Baptist in Ottsville, to head South with The Salvation Army Bucks-Mont group. The congregation's enthusiasm led to three mission trips to help with the rebuilding process in Hancock County. Ron is extremely proud of the 60 parishioners and friends of the parish who made trips, and more than 160 others who participated in a tea and silent auction to raise funds for St. Rose de Lima's rebuilding efforts in Hancock County.

"Of all the volunteer activities in which I've ever been involved, the Bucks-Mont project was personally the most rewarding. It's a phenomenal experience to be in a position to do so much good."

Ron is just one of the 6,419 Salvation Army volunteers throughout the Greater Philadelphia region helping to make a difference in someone else's life. For anyone who has ever thought about volunteering, now's the time to connect with The Salvation Army to explore the multitude of opportunities available.

One never knows how a life might be changed. Just ask Ron.

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