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Room & Board

While in the shelter families are served three hot, nutritious meals each day. Parents are offered guidance from staff as to how to feed babies, toddlers and older children. The importance of healthy food choices and structured meal times is stressed and all meals are nutritionally well-balanced. Infant formulas are provided and mothers wishing to breast feed their babies are allowed time and privacy to do so.

Meals are held for residents attending programs, or working, and not able to return to the shelter during regular meal times. Early breakfasts are served to children who travel long distances to school. Bag lunches are prepared for residents who work or attend job training programs. Meal planning is culturally sensitive and meets the dietary needs of vegetarians and residents who have food allergies.

Residents at The Salvation Army Red Shield are provided private rooms. They are responsible for maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of their personal space. Staff is available with guidance and cleaning supplies to assist in this process. Residents learn the importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment, especially around small children.

Shelter Fees and Savings Program

It is the policy of The Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence that all residents participate in the Savings and Fees Program as preparation for independent living. All residents are required to pay a non-refundable 15 percent of their income towards the shelter fee and 60 percent of their income to a savings account, which is refundable upon discharge from the shelter. A special program has recently been implemented rewarding residents' participation in the Savings and Fees Program through our partnership with Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Each family that saves at least 80 percent of their agreed amount receives a $250 gift card from Target donated by the synagogue upon their discharge from the program.

How to Reach Us!
For more information, please call 215-787-2887 or visit us at:
The Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence | 715 North Broad Street, Philadelphia 19123