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Parenting & Children Services

Parenting/Life Skills

Parenting classes are encouraged for all parents in the shelter. Courses are offered in the facility by organizations such as CAPE. Parents who would prefer to attend classes outside of the shelter are offered resources to do so. The Health Federation of Philadelphia conducts three-session parenting seminars for our residents. This year we are partnered with Bethanna for partnering classes to be held at their site. Transportation is provided for all program participants. Additional parenting classes have been implemented by our social work interns. These include, Mom/Toddler bonding groups held in the Bright Space to encourage healthy, playful interactions between our young mothers and their children and highlight developmental milestones and expectations.

Life skills education is of great importance to address the needs of this young population. Life skills classes are held twice a week for residents not otherwise engaged in an activity. Topics such as job readiness, resume preparation, healthy relationships, anger management, creative self-expression, family planning, self-esteem, and healthy living are addressed in a group format by shelter staff and other outside agencies. Groups are process and topic oriented. Some groups are offered in the evening to allow for greater resident attendance.

Services to Children
After-school/Enrichment programs

After-school and summer educational enrichment programs are offered to all school age children. The shelter partners with Spiral Q and are participants in the Peoplehood pageants each year. Additionally, the shelter works closely with the Office of Specialized Services of the School District of Philadelphia to ensure children’s academic needs are met. All children are assessed for outstanding educational needs and linked to services. Tutoring and homework assistance is provided on a regular basis.

Bright Spaces

Bright Spaces is a dedicated play area for the youngest shelter residents. In addition to being a fun place for kids to play, it is also a place for parents to learn. This year we partnered with the University of Delaware’s Infant Caregiver Project, they are providing parent training that is part of a comprehensive five-year NIH research grant. This project helps with early child-parent attachment bonds with at-risk families.

The importance of secure child-parent attachments is significant as it plays a large role in the life path of children, potentially breaking generations of abuse and neglect, and curtailing cycles of homelessness.

How to Reach Us!
For more information, please call 215-787-2887 or visit us at:
The Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence | 715 North Broad Street, Philadelphia 19123