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Meet Hana.

Soup's On! Project

“This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

When mother of six, Hana Jabarin, proclaims that her three month training at The Salvation Army Soup's On! Project culinary training program was indeed the best thing to have happen to her, you cannot help catching her contagious smile that lights up the room.  A Palestinian native turned northeast Philadelphia resident, Hana has had the opportunity to introduce familiar spices and ingredients to new recipes and cooking techniques.  Along with the invaluable cooking skills that she is gaining, Hana is most proud of the family that she has acquired at Soup’s On!  “I am in the right place at the right time, and I hope others like me will see that this program exists and take part in this unique opportunity, and join our family!”

Hana and other students work together every day for twelve weeks, cooking for large orders, catering, and sharing meals together.  “Everyone learns from each other in this positive, loving environment…this has been an eye opening experience.”  Like her contagious smile, the program was introduced to Hana by a recent graduate of the program.  Hana was floored by the excitement that her close friend exuded during her training, and decided to apply to join the program.  For weeks, Hana’s children (ages ranging from six to twenty-nine) have seen a drastic change in their mother’s attitude.  “I am so excited to wake up each morning, knowing that I will get to work all day with my second family.”  It is no surprise that Hana’s 18-year-old daughter is now very interested in the culinary arts.  After graduation, Hana plans to find employment with the help of Soup’s On!, and keep spreading the great news about how The Salvation Army’s program has impacted her life forever.