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Mapping Our Salvationist DNA: Beliefs, Values, Behaviors (Mapping Our Salvationist DNA

Mapping Our Salvationist DNA is a collection of 25 essays on the beliefs, values, and behaviors distinctive to The Salvation Army, which is Wesleyan in its foundations. Authors explore their topics from the perspective of the Wesleyan quadrilateral—Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. From this book, readers will get a deep understanding of The Salvation Army as a unique movement with a distinctive "DNA." Accompanying Study Guide available for Kindle.

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My New Song Book

“Carole Bate can say in such succinct, sweet words what you often yearn to say to the Lord yourself, both in praise and adoration.”
—Retired Salvation Army General
Eva Burrows

“In this book, … we are swept with Carole from the distant experience of centuries–old biblical events to the deep emotion of the everyday grind and grist to discover again the same loving Presence—the Everlasting God—with us.”
—Salvation Army Commissioner
Nancy A. Moretz

“The thing I have always loved about Carole’s poetry is that it speaks to the depths, to the hidden places.”
—Phil Laeger,
worship songwriter/recording artist

Soldiers of Uncommon Valor

The History of Salvationists of African Descent in the United States
By Warren L. Maye

“The quality of research and of writing makes for fascinating reading.  Crafted is a well-informed text, integrating vital events in significant areas in the American experience and the related impact on being black and a Salvationist.”
                                                                 -Commissioner Israel L. Gaither
                                                                 National Commander

“Maye honors us by allowing us to journey with these soldiers in the heritage of living yet demanding service to God and The Salvation Army.  It is a book worth your reading and I’m sure you will, with me, offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the soldiers of uncommon valor past, present, and yet to come.”
-Commissioner Lawrence Moretz
Territorial Commander,
USA Eastern Territory

“As I read Soldiers of Uncommon Valor, I was drawn into the reality of what many of my well-known sisters and brothers faced during these last decades…”
-Commissioner Nancy A. Moretz
Territorial President of Women’s Ministries,
USA Eastern Territory

“It was with great anticipation that I waited for Soldiers of Uncommon Valor; I was not disappointed.  In fact, I was simply riveted once I began reading.”
-Kenneth Burton, O.F.
Harlem Temple Corps Bandmaster

“I believe Soldiers of Uncommon Valor will take its place among the significant works of [Salvation Army] history in America…”
-Colonel Henry Gariepy. O.F.
author of 26 books

Heart Talks on Holiness by Samuel Logan BrengleSamuel Logan Brengle's Heart Talks on Holiness was written as a successor to Helps to Holiness and abounds with the same practical insights on holy living as the former volume. The book addresses ordinary Christians in simple, plain language, with the definite goal of helping them experience and enjoy full salvation. Bramwell Booth said of this book, “The glorious experience here described and enforced is the true secret of a life of happiness and usefulness on earth as it is the highest preparation for the life and service of Heaven. That experience is for you.”

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860 - 1936) was converted as a youngster. At fifteen years of age he became assistant Sunday school superintendent in his home church, and at seventeen he enrolled in DePauw University, where he proved to be a brilliant scholar and an eloquent orator. Political ambitions soon began to awaken in Brengle’s heart, but these were short-circuited when God called him to be a preacher of the gospel. From DePauw, Brengle went to Boston Theological Seminary. It was here that he experienced a life-changing experience of heart cleansing under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Steele. Soon afterwards Brengle refused the flattering offer of the pastorate of a large, renowned Methodist church, choosing instead to join the Salvation Army, where he spent the rest of his life as a traveling evangelist, writer and holiness preacher.

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