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 2011 HANDS ON APPLICATION AVAILABLE NOW!  You may clic on the following website connection and download your application.  Extended deadline for the applications to be sent to THQ is FEB 18th. 


Instituto de Entrenamiento


Nuestro ADN (en Español)

Spanish resources clearinghouse: The Mission and Culture department will be evaluating Spanish language resources from around the country and compiling a list of those with national value. To suggest a resource or ask about one, please send an e-mail to Major Betty Roby.

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Partners in Mission mapIf you click on a territory on this map, it will indicate

the partner territories along with links to the territorial

 web sites.

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Miniature earth

A thought provoking Flash movie available in many languages which looks at the demographics of the whole world as if it were one small community of 100 people.

Ancient Future Worship
Conversations on the future of worship by Dr. Robert E. Webber, today's leading voice on worship. You can sign up for an e-mail newsletter and get worship resources.


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