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Soldiers of Uncommon Valor
The History of Salvationists of African Descent in the United States
By Warren L. Maye

“The quality of research and of writing makes for fascinating reading. Crafted is a well-informed text, integrating vital events in significant areas in the American experience and the related impact on being black and a Salvationist.”
-Commissioner Israel L. Gaither
National Commander

Heartwork of Hope: A Directed Journal
Major JoAnn Shade’s 2006 work published by Others Press, is designed to take the reader on a journey of discovery — through Scripture and quotations from a wide variety of authors, poetry and the experiences of the author herself — and into a deeper walk with the Lord.

“This directed journal opens new possibilities for the soul to breathe the presence of
— Elaine Heath, Ph.D., Perkins School of Theology

“A tool for discovering the ‘more’ that God has for you.”
— Lucinda Secrest McDowell, author, Spa for the Soul

JoAnn currently ministers with her husband, Larry; they are preparing together to open a Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Ashland, Ohio. JoAnn is a trained counselor who holds a D.Min. from Ashland Aheological Seminary, where her doctoral thesis was on “Women in Prophetic Leadership.” Seasons explores the distinctive challenges faced by women in Christian leadership and provides theological and practical support through biblical character studies and wisdom gleaned from Shade’s experience.

Symbala's River
Symbala's River is a children's novel written by Stephen M. Kelly and illustrated by Dave Hulteen, Jr.

Symbala is a girl coming of age in a small village by the sea. She convinces the elders of her village to let her take a journey to find the end of the river that flows by her village. Along the way she remembers the wisdom of her adopted mother and finds danger and adventure.




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