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The Salvation Army's Central Park
Central Park - Parent Attended Recreation for Kids Central Park Slide, Waterbury, CT

What Is Central P.A.R.K.?

The Salvation Army's Central P.A.R.K.

is a... Parent Attended Recreation for Kids

It shares the name, but unlike Central Park in New York City, Waterbury's has no gardens, lakes, or zoos.

Set up in the gymnasium at The Salvation Army, this park provides a spacious and clean environment for children and their parents. The purpose of Central P.A.R.K. is to offer children an environment in which they can safely play, while developing socially, physically, and emotionally.

This park is equipped with brightly colored riding toys, a jungle gym, a sand box, a reading center, and even a computer learning center. Central P.A.R.K. is designed for children 5 years of age and under. While there is always a staff member on site, all children who enjoy the recreational activities must be accompanied by an adult.

If this is for you, visit us at 74 Central Avenue, Waterbury, CT 06702
Or call: (203) 754-7056


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