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Released 24 July 2012


Vacation Bible School for The Salvation Army's Greater Valley Corps is in full session!

VBS01ANSONIA - When school is out, The Salvation Army's Vacation Bible School is what is in. For some working families, school vacations are no fun at all. Many parents must scramble to find childcare. If they do not find it, they have to take time off from work or children are left home alone. If parents take time off, bills do not get paid. What are these families from the Greater Valley area to do?

The answer is have their children attend The Salvation Army's Vacation Bible School. Offered throughout The Salvation Army's Southern New England Division, and in this case including the Greater Valley Corps, this program provides an age-appropriate evangelistic opportunity to lead people of all ages to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. It involves a Bible lesson presented in a creative, "out-of-the-ordinary," fun way, which is usually based around a sin. The theme for this year's program locally was "Amazing Wonders Aviation," with the decorations provided by Calvary Church in Trumbull. This program runs during the week of July 23 through July 27 at the Greater Valley Corps, located on Lester Street.

Major Theresa Burkholder, Corps Commanding Officer, was thrilled to see 45 children show up on opening day. "I was hoping for a good turnout, but this is absolutely fantastic! Many of the children are from the surrounding neighborhood. Some kids came from other local churches as well. If not for this program, some of these kids would have had to stay home alone, without any educational or recreational stimulation."

There was also a large number of volunteers that have continued to help make this program a success, many from Living Hope Church in Shelton. "Many hands make light work, and in this case, they have created a lot of fun for children too."

(Some of the props provided for Amazing Wonders Aviation!)

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