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Latest News

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New Officers Now Serving!

21 July 2014

HARTFORD - Each year, many officers who serve our locations take on new appointments. These decisions result in officers moving in and out of our various locations, including several within the Southern New England Division. As some of our communities are now under new leadership, on July 16, their new officers came to Divisional Headquarters (DHQ) for a warm welcome by officers and staff. These officers also learned more about how the various departments and processes in the division function and had any and all of their questions answered. As every division can vary in its procedures, such an orientation ensures that these officers start out right, ready to serve in the most efficient manner possible.


Partners in the Community

17 July 2014

DANBURY - As someone once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." In Danbury, the partnership between the Savings Bank of Danbury and The Salvation Army has never been stronger and as a result of this strong partnership, many children and families have benefited. The relationship has grown over the years and the true winners have been people in need in Danbury and the surrounding community.


The Glue That Helped Hold The Corps Together

29 June 2014

NEW LONDON - Bessie Childs, Office Manager for New London Salvation Army, finished her last day on June 27, as her military family now prepares to move to the West Coast in July. Everyone who knows her is forever grateful for the mark that she has left on The New London Corps. Her entire family will also be missed, including her husband Nathaniel, a U.S. Navy Sailor and cousin of Captain David Childs, and two sons, Nathan and Andrew.


Salvation Army Participates in Disaster Drill

25 June 2014

Torrington - A two-day, statewide emergency preparedness drill designed to enhance mass care planning, readiness, and disaster awareness at all levels of government and the statᥒs utilities took place on Saturday, June 21, and Monday, June 23, at the Torrington Middle School in Torrington, Connecticut.


Hot Dogs and Hamburgers - A+

18 June 2014

BRISTOL - Board members were gathered around the room, discussing who was in charge of the weather and then decided to blame it on the local weatherman... they just couldn’t decide which TV station. Perfect weather has been the "norm" for a number of years for the annual Advisory Board Picnic at Federal Hill Green, and everyone looks forward to it. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and strawberry shortcake are all part of the festivities. Tom Morrow, Board Member for 35 years and Chairperson for many too, said, "I forget how long I’ve been coming to this picnic, but it has been quite a few years! We all look forward to getting together and letting our hair down a little, so to speak. We get to talk about family, friends, and things that are happening around town."


Simsbury High Graduate William Rosario

13 June 2014

SIMSBURY - Awards Night at Simsbury High School took place on Wednesday, June 11. There, Salvation Army Major Philip Ferreira presented a scholarship to William Rosario, "Anthony" as he likes to be called, in front of a full audience of educators, parents, students, and friends. Anthony had submitted an application for the award, calling his essayࠖ "Hope." In his essay, he wrote about growing up in Bridgeport and "being surrounded by a lot of negativity. There was a culture of failure and poverty, sinking everyone into a depression that they cannot pull themselves out of. It wasᮒt just his family and friends, but everywhere in Bridgeport."


Music & Arts Students Win Awards

12 June 2014

STAMFORD - The "Sweetest Place on Earth," Hersey, Pennsylvania, home of Hershey Chocolate, hosted the 30th Annual Salvation Army Star Search competition. Star Search took place the first weekend in June, with over 400 children participating in this event, including five youth from The Stamford Salvation Army Red Shield & Arts Academy. Candra Quetant, Jasmine Williams, Allana VanHouten, and Wyklend Turenne came together to compete in the dance team section and John Carlos Mendez competed in the Drama Monolugue section.


Post Office Delivers...

10 June 2014

DANBURY - Every second Saturday in May, letter carriers in more than 10,000 cities and towns across America collect the goodness and compassion of their postal customers, who generously participate in the National Letter Carriers (NALC) Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive - the largest one-day food drive in the nation. Led by letter carriers represented by the NALC, with help from rural letter carriers, other postal employees, and volunteers, the drive has delivered more than one billion pounds of food over the past 20 years.


Donuts and The Salvation Army...

9 June 2014

HARTFORD - Ever since World War I, The Salvation Army and doughnuts have shared a common heritage. To honor that tradition, National Donut Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday of June all across the United States. This holiday was established in 1938 to honor the Salvation ArmṒs "Donut Lassies," who served these sweet treats to soldiers during World War I.


Project Complete!

4 June 2014

HARTFORDࠖ The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary of Greater Hartford funded an activity last summer at the Marshall House Shelter to enrich the lives of the families and children that live there. The project was part of Elisa Muccᩒs Girl Scout Gold Award, which represents the highest achievement in Girl Scoutingࠖ open only to girls in high school. This prestigious award challenges girls to change the worlᤗor at least their corner of it and the Marshall House Shelter and its families were certainly the beneficiaries of the project.