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Our passion and focus is seeing every child we minister to become "Mature, Responsible Christian Adults." With the leaders thtat we have who have been called to lead these children, we stride to make an impact on their lives. When we are working with children, we are doing the most good.

There are approximately 2.2 billion children on the face of this earth. We can not possibly reach them all, but we can at least extend our hearts and hands to those in our community. We currently have 2 children's ministries to do this: Sonshine Club and   SonDay's Cool Kids.

Sonshine Club

Sonshine ClubSonshine Club is a very unique after-school program that brings the gospel and Christian education into the public school setting. We are partnered with Urban Light Ministries to reach out to over 800 children. What began in 1994 ministry to the children in the Lincoln Park housing projects, has now blossomed in to a ministry that hosts its program in 10 elementary schools in Springfield.sonshine

Sonshine Club continues to grow as more parents enroll their children to be part of the fun and excitement. Sonshine Club is a 1 hour program that includes, singing, games, Bible lessons, a practical "today" life lesson, memory verses, chances to earn candy and a snack.

SonDay's Cool Kids

Many Sunday School programs are just plain boring! They don't seem to engage the children and encourage participation. We, The Salvation Army can proudly say that our SonDay's Cool program is a far cry from that.                                                    

Sondays Cool Kids

Here the child learns to laugh, sing, worship, pray and last but certainly not least play. Each child is encouraged to burn up some of that "kid energy" while playing games in the gym and have a snack while learning a Bible story in the Activity Room. Then by the end of the day they are provided a lunch. In most cases this meal would be the only one they would have all day.


Kaylah, age 8 said, "My Mom gave me a choice: I could either go to my grandma's or come to SonDay's Cool. I chose here, even though I love it at Grandma's." Briana, age 9 said, "Sonshine Club is AWESOME! Going to Sonshine Club is my favorite part of school."

SonDay's Cool Kids Schedule:

Every Sunday:10:30 AM. At The Salvation Army. IT'S FREE!


Pastor Ryan Ray at 937-322-3434