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Join the Feinstein Food Drive!

Williamsport, Lycoming County-The Salvation Army in Williamsport will once again join with the Feinstein Foundation to fight hunger in our community the months of March and April.


Your help is needed and appreciated!


This is the 17th year that Alan Feinstein will divide $1 million among hunger fighting agencies nationwide using it to help them raise funds.

For every food item that is collected from March 1, 2014 through April 30, 2014 we can count it as $1 per item or pound as well as every check, cash contribution or pledge. So you are helping in 2 ways, by the food or money you donate and as a match for what Mr. Feinstein will add to it.

Alan Feinstein says "Whatever you donate to this agency, I will add money to it. The more you give, the more of my $1 million they will get - Thanks to YOU!" That includes cash, checks, pledges and food!

The Salvation Army is participating in the Feinstein Foundation challenge. The Salvation Army needs your help! You can donate as an individual; run a food drive as a group, business, organization, school or church and this will be counted towards the Feinstein Challenge.

Food donations are accepted at The Salvation Army, 457 Market Street, Williamsport, PA; Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..

Peanut Butter, Pastas, Cereal, Soups, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Canned Tuna,
Canned Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, etc.




The Salvation Army will also be conducting a clothing drive the months of March and April - in conjunction with the Feinstein Food Challenge, also conducted during the months of March and April.

Please bring all slightly used clothing to the three locations of The Salvation Army

457 Market Street            530 Lycoming Mall Drive           1445 Dewey Avenue
Williamsport, PA              Pennsdale, PA                            Williamsport, PA
(570) 326-9187               (570) 546-5509                           (570) 327-3035

Store Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Drop Off At All Locations: Mon.- Sat. 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.




Winter Classes are ongoing. Click here to see the schedule.



Dr. Rachael Hungerford, Emerita Professor of Lycoming College and Certified Journal Therapy Instructor, will be leading participants through a one day workshop which highlights tools from the book called "Journal to The Self" by Kay Ad-ams. This kind of journal work can be exceptionally useful to those coping with major transitions in life and helping those who suffer from compassion fatigue.

Amy McGovern, Social Service Program Coordinator of The Salvation Army in Williamsport, will also give a brief overview of the signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.


Looking for Something fun to do?


The Golden Ager club (for the young 50 and up) is going on strong

We have a great line of speakers coming up in addtion to crafts,

games, music, lunch, comraderie. AND the chicks should be hatcing soon!


Click "Post"  to see pictures of one-week-old calf and a chicken visiting the Golden Agers.



Moonbeams, Sunbeams, Girl Guards, and Adventure Corps

(similar to other scouting programs but uses a Christian curriculum)





The Salvation Army of Williamsport

Located in the heart of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Williamsport Salvation Army reaches into the community through programs and services such as Project Break Through which pairs Mentees and Mentors together to help break families out of proverty and to greater economic self-sufficiency and family stability.

Community mentors changing lives - June 9, 2013 article from Sun Gazette
"It is not uncommon to hit a snag in life. At some point, many of us during our adult life experience extreme hardship, whether it be financially or otherwise. Maybe we even hit rock bottom. What few realize though, is that help exists out there for those that are having a difficult time making ends meet..."

If interested in becoming a mentor or participating in the Project Break Through (PBT), call 326-9187 and ask for Amy McGovern. PBT also is on Facebook at


Salvation Army Today channel



Community mentors changing lives 

Compassion Fatigue:

Amber Bower receives Salvation Army chorus award

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The recent Target Back-to-School Shopping event:


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